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Harbor Shores Apostolic Church


Home Bible Studies - We offer the mighty experience of sharing God's word while in the comfort and privacy of your home. With this one-on-one session, we can answer your questions and discuss your concerns. This study will be catered to your personal needs. Just contact us today to set up an appointment for you or your family!     Click here to sign up for your FREE Home Bible Study Today!!


AMBASSADORS - Ages 12 to 18 can enjoy their own outings and events such as basketball, bowling, game nights, lock-ins, and much more. We offer an annual summer trip to different places each year. You will be blessed in a Sunday Morning class for lessons to apply the Bible to real-life situations and learn how God can change your life today. Please check out our calendar for the next scheduled event.


We can minister to your children with age-appropriate activities while learning God's word. Your little one or teen will learn Christian principles while having fun, singing songs, and doing crafts. We have a puppet ministry to perform several times a year for your enjoyment and you will be blessed. The Adult class also experiences great, anointed, life-changing preaching. Please join us each Sunday at 11 AM for the time of your life.

SONSHINE GROUP - a ministry designed for ages 8-12 to allow children enjoy numerous activities such as Bible class, camping, choir, etc.

MUSIC / WORSHIP - Come and be blessed by the presence of God Almighty while singing and worshipping under the anointing of the Holy Ghost. Whether it be classic hymns or modern contemporary, your spirit will be moved and changed forever. 

LADIES MINISTRY -Our ladies come together for a time of fellowship and spiritual renewal. You can enjoy anything from shopping outings, ladies luncheons, prayer and counseling, plus our trip to Ladies Conference in Ocala, FL every April. Please check the calendar for the next scheduled events.

PAIRS & SPARES - Adults only in this group whether married or not, we are always ready to have a great time. 

MEN'S MINISTRY - You can be strengthened by the fellowship of the Men's group. Baseball games, golfing, fishing, skeet shooting, spiritual renewal conferences, and much more can be enjoyed while in the company of Christian men that know how to have a good time.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS - You can join the team or enjoy the anointed performances. Several times a year, the puppet team, drama team or sign language team brings us an over-the-top blacklight show like you've never seen before!!

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